colour fest Holi’s on the door.. & thanks to that, i’ve got 5 days all for myself & free from college… Yokata! 

Exams OVER!!!!!

Whoa what a relief… Creepy exams r over.. but not even one holiday to wipe off sweat….CRAP!

2 days left & then 2nd sem will begin..  hmm.. looking forward to it

Too bad…

Its freezing cold and holidays are heading towards their end….Life’s too bad

a break FINALLY!!!

whoa…Diwali Holidays are finally here..not that i’ll be enjoying crackers & stuff..but its still a nice enough break from the routine with sleepless mornings

Fourth day of Pottery workshop…bit of tiring & bit of puzzling…also quite interesting as i got to learn some features of internet i didn’t know earlier…..


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