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What makes the difference

“Don’t go after victory. Go after excellence. That way victory will find you itself.”

So I was just watching Olympics on tv. This is the event that I try not to miss any part of. This year its Rio and its going great. Athletes from across the world are showing up and showcasing their diverse top-notch talents to the awed world. There are just so¬†many things you witness when you watch them come to stand for their country and push with all their might to get through their competition and over to the top. But one thing I¬†found myself paying¬†particular attention was to is their body language and behaviors. While some of them are chilled out and braced, some are anxious and somewhat tense. The relaxed ones are clearly showing¬†an edge over others. It turns out this change in attitude¬†is all that makes the difference. They are all qualified and have the same skill in not greatly varying degrees. But what they carry with them in the end sets them apart. It just says how the cool of mind can work miracles. The ones that win set out like winners. They know they’ve got it. They aren’t unsure or flustered. They’re not letting any pressure build up and sway them. They aren’t thinking that their country expects them to win. They aren’t even thinking they’re supposed to win. What they are is dispassionate and focused. Their goal sharp and clear.¬†And this I’ve found is the most important thing. The ultimate bearing.

Winning isn’t possible¬†by thinking about the consequences. If anxiety gets the better of you, there’s no hope for you out there in the arena. Anxiety¬†has no¬†place when it comes down to showing your mettle.¬†When you’ve done everything you can and the only thing left is to get on with it, that’s exactly what you should do. Get on with it. ¬†The worst you’d do is lose but at least you’d know you weren’t hindered by anything. That you gave it your all. That you couldn’t have done it better.

Losing is actually not¬†the bad part at all. The bad¬†part is losing because you were afraid of losing even before¬†making the effort.¬†A loss followed by grit¬†is always more welcome¬†than a win followed by¬†cowardice. If you’re out there to win, you might as well do it HEAD ON.


rapuzel flint

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talk about getting lost in beauty

One of the most bewitching scenes I’ve ever come across in a movie, animation or not. Couple it with Mandy Moore’s melodious voice and its loveliness knows no bounds.


Rapunzel: “I’ve been looking out of a window for eighteen years, dreaming about what I might feel like when those lights rise in the sky. What if it’s not everything I dreamed it would be?”

Eugene: “It will be.”

Rapunzel: “And what if it is? What do I do then?”

Eugene: “Well,that’s the good part I guess. You get to go find a new dream.”



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This post of mine is a little different from the last one. It so happens that i just watched How to train your dragon 1 & 2. Its not like I hadn’t watched¬†it before but I had to see it again today. I just love the sensations it makes me feel. God’s truth, I can’t help wanting my own dragon to fly on! Feel the wind on my face and whizzing past it! Damn!

Honestly, I think we CAN fly. Like in dreams where we literally experience the sensation of flying. As if we know it. Just have forgotten to exercise it. Humans have cracked the code to get past water i.e., swim and move¬†on earth i.e., walk. Could it be that there is a code for getting through air too and we haven’t cracked it yet? An ability that we aren’t aware of?

Something tells me we don’t need something on the lines of rocket launchers or boosters to fly. Its all within us. Maybe one day mankind will discover that one thing…Till then Fingers Crossed.

Note: This post isn’t designed to have someone jump off the roof to discover whether we have this ability or not. Because that’ll only ascertain one thing – ‘death’ūüė¶

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Just because your mind is a chaotic place, doesn’t mean you’re inept. This chaos, self-doubt¬†and self hatred¬†is a haze working to disturb you so don’t let it blur your vision. Keep your eyes ahead on the clear future. Keep calm and tell this disturbance that it has no power over you. You’re above it. Weaken it and slaughter¬†it & then fly. Fly high. Beyond this doubt. Beyond this dark cloud. And¬†reach for the beautiful light because that is where you’re meant to be.



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‚ÄúDon’t be so quick to throw away your life. No matter how disgraceful or embarrassing it may be, you need to keep struggling to find your way out until the very end.‚ÄĚ

‚Äē Norihiro Yagi, Claymore, Vol. 14: A Child Weapon

How often we find ourselves on the edge. Outside the circle where everyone is. Laughing, living life. Times when we feel helpless. Stuck. Unable to approach and unapproachable. Unable to move forward. Weak.

What we don’t realize is that the part where we feel weak doesn’t dictate our weakness. It merely shows that we are a real person with substance and honest feelings and life is testing us. We all have had times in our lives where we have found ourselves on the precipice. But when we have felt it, ¬†we’ve also heard a voice. Tiny but there. It tells us to go on because we have in us what we think is missing. No matter how hard times we face we should always listen to this voice. Its the voice that God has given us as a memento. Our sword in battle.

This voice, God’s voice, that’s in all of us has been trying to tell us something in our difficult times when we’ve given ourselves to hopelessness and resignation. My interpretation of its essence is as follows:

There you are, crying again
Shedding your hopes, spirit in pain
Don’t you know, its not the end
Forge ahead, however the descend
You are courage, dreams and life
Don’t you cower, battle the strife
You may win, you may loose
Your path you may, always choose
Don’t you waver, don’t you falter
The future you may, always alter

Yes. Precisely that. We only need to let down the curtains of hopelessness that cloud our vision and mind. This cloud will only rain gloom and self-pity. We need to move it out of our vision to be able to see the bright sunlight that’s trying to streak through. This light has everything we think is beyond our reach. Beauty, hope, life and Future.

So have a little courage and reach out. Its right there waiting for you. The only accessories you’d need along the way are courage, hard work and hope. You can do it. It’ll be worth your while.


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“..every once in a while, you find someone who’s iridescent, and once you do, nothing will ever compare.”

This quote from flipped by Wendelin Van Draanen¬†never fails to amaze me. When you see someone with their own inner light, there’s no way you can look away. This light they radiate is not about those¬†charged particles called photons that glisten and reflect but rather an aura of positive energy that surrounds them like air. The more you reflect on it, the more you find that we all have this light. Some of us with our greed and selfishness, dim its powerful luminance.

Why do we allow ourselves to be ruled by those negative energies when we have so much to give? One powerful Satan that lives inside us is called ‘Ego’. ¬†While we recognize that it eats everything good we can accomplish, we don’t put a stop to it or bother letting go of our pride. But once you take all the power this ego has over you, you pave the way for a radiant life.


Image credits: thestevenjames

The picture above shows an installation by¬†sculptor Alexander Milov. Its message is so powerfully communicative that I won’t bother putting it in words. This is a reality of today’s world. We all have love, affections and so much more to share but we don’t. It remains caged where it longs to breathe and live. Our light doesn’t find any means to live. When we know this flaw we also have the means to curb it. If you have a loving partner or a mother or father or loved one, don’t cage your love for them. Don’t let your ego or misunderstandings or past stand in your way. We are allotted a very limited time here but we can make most of it if we just set ourselves free. When you keep your feelings locked up inside you, you can save your pride but you will also save yourself from a chance to be truly happy. Missing a chance to complete your life all because of a stupid pride. A pride that will only make you bleed when you realise how much you’ve lost because of it. So don’t give it this power over you. ¬†Now or ever. Let your light guide you because heaven is¬†right here on earth. You only need the means to find it. Ego is the heavy burden that will drown you before you ever set your eyes on the happiness you’d sailed for.